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Residential architectural is geomantic program
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Living region house builds the geomantic program that arrange, should follow a few geomantic ideas:

One, too extremely extensive is put view

China is geomantic learn, Chinese medicine learns to wait for tradition art article, art to count close tie is worn of China " The Book of Changes " principle. " The Book of Changes " it is the Chinese's mainest thinking source. No matter whether are you known or whether to believe " The Book of Changes " , the Chinese thinks differentiate thing mostly self-conscious or not self-consciously according to The Book of Changes. Have beg a balance when anything crops up, do not cross the psychology of the head and thinking, have on consciousness " thing pole is turned over " , "Things will develop in the opposite direction when they become extreme. " learn radical point of view easily. China is geomantic learn to also say Yi Xuekan area learns, it is in " can weather channel, area is pure " in abide by Yi Xuesai differentiate. The viewpoint with easy the mainest reason, think All matters, the thing does not have size, it is too extremely. "Its are not had greatly outside, its are small without inside " . "One content has a single person, a suit has one heaven and earth oneself " . Because this is geomantic,┄ of ┄ of an an an an an a city that learns to think, bourg, court, building, residence, room is too extremely, it is administrative levels differs only just. This one viewpoint, carrying out a proof is correct. Residential building is decorated, see its oneself already too extremely, also see construction group group too extremely.

Set out from this one viewpoint, building group layout should with landform Founder, too extremely complete and advisable, otherwise sure meeting brings hidden trouble. For example, male die for nothing, meet to the male host of this area adverse, straightforward die to be opposite for nothing the boy of this area is adverse. Like China north oil field some lives area, in hundreds of dwellers inside courtyard, the boy is all skinny worthless, the boy calamities again and again. Via checking, courtyard northeast asks for the ground to lack one character. After supplementary angle only then have improve.

In addition, in residential design, a residence is unfavorable also vertex damage, this is geomantic big fear.

2, field is angry 10 thousand have view

Geomantic learned 5 gist element: ⑸ of  ⒀ ā ah its essence of? of ⑺  ⑾ is gas. Search dragon, attack a vital point, examine is arenaceous, look for water, directional, the purpose is examine is searched comfortable the auspicious at human body is angry, escape goes against the evil spirit gas of human body. Contemporary and scientific already preliminary proof, human body has a gas, plant to have an energy of life, the building has an energy of life. There all is an energy of life between everythings on earth. The structure that a certain number of buildings form group, field gas differs with respect to the meeting permutation because of the building and produce fission of good or ill luck. Be like somewhere original structure group for determinant 6 layout, dweller the condition is very here poor, calamity ill be overflowing with. Via checking, this building forms a delegation show too extremely the country of 64 divinatory symbols pares divinatory symbols. Divinatory symbols resembles mildew rain, cankered, shade of in relief disappear is long, divinatory symbols elephant is very fierce, field is angry not beautiful. Hind via adjusting, make arrange turn Shan Leiyi into divinatory symbols, the dweller's health and economic atmosphere improve instantly.
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