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The architectural old structure of geomantic Baojian
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Residential avoid is built in the hillside with flabby foundation

The residence is built at water and soil conservation on the half half way up the mountain with undesirable, loose foundation, big fierce.

Residential avoid is built on cliff edge

The residence is built on the cliff of hill edge or seaside, no matter foundation is solid, because be in subconscious in have easily " not dependable " feeling, psychosis unrest, easy create angst and spirit feeble. Although scenery of form of this cultivate land is beautiful, dangerous sex is tall however, build it is advisable to be cloister, abbey or sightseeing restaurant.

Residential avoid is built in fluvial exit

The residence is built at drying up the; on alluvial fan of the river is big fierce. Because the geological form of this kind of place is grown era and cause of formation are insufficient and firm, building of more unfavorable lid, what is more,the rather that river valley exit often is " medicinal powder gas " place, the ground enrages easy Xuan Xie and cannot condense, long house is harmful and profitless.

Residential avoid is built in danger to enrage evil place

House home has nearby it is chemical plant, dangerous to store tasted storehouse, gate wait to temple, court or police station, jail, hospital, funeral parlour, get undesirable " gas " influence, should with ill-fated theory. Outside selecting the staff member besides itself because of afore-mentioned ground, other often the person of meantime of pass in and out, not be convict falls ill namely, the person of be out of luck, reason gate to these places really not beautiful.