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Of all kinds plant resides medium action in the home
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Be in geomantic in learned application, the plant often is used as hasten auspicious to change evil spirit, the meaning that because this different plant was gifted,differs.
Be regarded as lucky vegetable

Orange, "Orange " and homophonic of " auspicious " , potted orange makes the decoration of the family when people Spring Festival.

Lucky grass is cabinet, all the year round is fresh and green, in the water in mud all Yi Sheng is long, " of indicative " good fortune as one wishes, also call luck grass.

Chinese toon tree grows easily and macrobian, some local be current feel Chinese toon custom. The New Year's Eve in the evening, the child wants the tree that feel Chinese toon, and circling even turn a few rounds, some places of invocatory fast long tall; are in at the beginning of the first month of the lunar year on early in the morning, the child is holding Chinese toon tree in the arms to read aloud " Chinese toon to cultivate Chinese toon to cultivate you to be king, you are long thick I grow long " .

The pagoda tree is thought to represent " salary " , archaic imperial court is planted 3 pagoda trees 9 thorn, fair dear the doctor sits at its, the person that face 3 pagoda trees is 3 fair, common people facilitates later court establish pagoda tree.

Glossy ganoderma regards auspicious million as since ancient times, lucky plan is common cervine mouth or crane mouth hold glossy ganoderma, use as gift of congratulate on sb's birthday.

Wintersweet its 5 leaf are considered as 5 lucky gods, had " plum to open picture of 5 blessing " then.

Be thought to have the plant of action of evil of the dispel that press down bewitching

Peach expresses the spirit that is the five elements, can make 100 spirit, spend the New Year to hang the door to go up with peach wood charms against evil so.

The function that willow is the same as peach is same, with wicker stick portal with exorcise.

Careless cattail, Ai Xie uses dragon boat festival of careless cattail, moxa leaf careless cattail, Ai Xie is hanged beside the door, or with moxa belt of " of Ai Hu of make it " is on the body, can have the effect of drive poisonous exorcise evil spirits.

Because ginkgo tree is in nightly blossom, the person must not see, pass to have Yin Ling, so the Fu Yin of art home should make; with ginkgo woodcarving

Cypress upright and outspoken not A, by honour those who be 100 wood is long, pass can drive person or event associated with evil or misfortune, cypress; is cultivated more by graveyard

" of the fruit of medicinal cornal often is a stranger in foreign land, on festive occasions more than ever we think of our dear ones far away. . Yao knows brotherly uprise to be in, insert the fruit of medicinal cornal little one person. "Why does Wang Wei want " to all over in this poem insert " of the fruit of medicinal cornal? Geomantic before in learning, think the fruit of medicinal cornal is a kind of mascot, adorn when uprise of the section that weigh this world, think to be able to avoid disaster.
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