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Move geomantic learn
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(one) , the goods that preparation needs when moving?
1, rice: With rice bucket, install 8 minutes full?
2, red bag: Put at rice bucket above?
3, dustpan and new broom a pair, need to bind above on red list?
4, water: Install 3 minutes with pail full?
5, bowl chopsticks: Even numbers is better, in be being put in pail?
6, burner?
When moving, must put above goods into the kitchen first, the thing of other just can be moved into the house, additionally some people still take some of clay, can avoid natural environment to refuse to obey. ? After moving the home, crepuscular that day but hold a memorial ceremony for does obeisance to foundation advocate, the foundation in fokelore advocate stature is shorter, when doing obeisance to, should be at the door the kitchen, the table that places offerings cannot too tall. And article person of preparation: ?
1, dish meal (meal of the daily life of a family) , namely one dish, one flesh, one soup, meal a bowl. ?
2, wine 3 cups?
3, Gong Zhu a pair?
4, sweet 3 column?
5, birthday gold, land official gold?
6, in sweet ignite 1/3 hind, begin to burn paper made to resemble money and burned as an offering to the dead by the gate, hold a memorial ceremony for calculates to do obeisance to namely after paper made to resemble money and burned as an offering to the dead is burned finished. (note,
(move to need to have Qi Chai, rice, oily, salt, broom goes only commonly now, pick an auspicious day next day of Ji Shijin bridal chamber, when entering bridal chamber, should be in charge after the person is advanced, someone else Fang Kejin enters bridal chamber, light kitchen to boil some of thing to eat in the ignition inside Ji Shizhi again, move other furniture slowly with respect to what can be at ease next. ) ?
(2) the contraindication that the attention answers when moving?
If there is pregnant woman in the home, when moving, want particularly advertent, take strict precautions against changed fetal mind, do not move as far as possible at the same time, in case blame move cannot, want to let pregnant woman leave the scene, and in old place every move one thing, sweep with new broom first, such Yi Ke avoids to alarm fetal god. Other is a little no-no still: ?
1, move family belongs day, cannot abuse a child, cannot get angry. ?
2, move family belongs day, say some of auspicious word as far as possible. ?
3, when moving, cannot greet sb with others. ?
4, move to cannot be in that day new curtilage siesta, fall ill easily later otherwise. ?
That day in the evening, after sleeping below 5 minutes, rise even work, express to sleep to rise even, healthy meaning, in folk-custom the child sleeps new bed also is such, lie to rise again, fall ill easily otherwise.
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