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Remover because client not sincere letter is very helpless
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Remover because client not sincere letter is very helpless if the businessman does not say sincere letter, consumer can be complained through a variety of ways, claim for compensation, but when encountering the client that does not tell sincere letter, the businessman can sigh oneself only hapless. Latter, nanning city a few remover are done by the client again and again mischief, but under, they are forced to appeal to the society, hope everybody is honest.

Oneself by citizen embarrass

Summerly gentleman is Nanning city blessing a staff member to remover. On May 13 in the evening, a man that professes to surname Liu calls call them morrow to Changjiang Delta rosary 13 2 unit 302 rooms move. 14 days in the morning 6 when 30 minutes, they leave as agreed upon move special vehicle reachs this village, summerly gentleman is dialed " Mr Liu " phone, tell him the worker already reached a village, the other side says to wait to open the door with respect to next buildings reinforce, but waited many minutes 10,do not wait for a person. The worker of remover is pressed " Mr Liu " announcement address, try to knock, host says however: "You made a mistake, either we move, the likelihood is the unit on moves. " come across unit 302 rooms, bearer of summerly gentleman etc still was not found " Mr Liu " . Dial again " Mr Liu " when the mobile phone, the other side already closed machine.

Return a company, summerly gentleman calls again inquiry " Mr Liu " : "Why to say to want to move, still put out the mobile phone? " " Mr Liu " say the mobile phone does not have report temporarily, he should move really, address is Changjiang Delta rosary 3 2 unit 302 rooms. This, summerly gentleman goes with respect to the car that did not drive remover, however oneself open autocycle to explore false or true. Come " Mr Liu " announcement address, the host of the house says is not they should move, before this master face, summerly gentleman gives " Mr Liu " dialed a telephone, the other side closes again machine. At this moment, summerly gentleman realizes him by embarrass.

Most remover has been cheated

Whether has other remover encountered similar case? Yesterday afternoon, the reporter contacted 10 remover coming to the home to investigate this matter, include Nanning city's famouser people to move among them, ant moves wait for remover, mention the thing that is made fun of they of one face but. Of masses remover not the gentleman tells a reporter, once, a client calls say to want to drive time to move, call them the following day in the morning 8 when drive 30 minutes directly crossing of a li of 3 alley austral astral lake road. The following day in the morning 7 when 30 minutes, move labour joins driver group 5 people are punctual drive astral lake road, but close however when the telephone that dials a client machine. "We are in all the time crossing when in the morning 10 when make still do not see people, such we wasted the time near one morning again, but where we can be complained again? " not the gentleman says helplessly.
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