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Tianjin removes all company win initial success guards battle wetly
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Tianjin removes all company win initial success guards battle wetly " move all companies, dismantle all structures, it is road also should use board or matting of other pure natural data. " on June 21, "3 advance environmental protection goes " reporter group is growing when treating city to interview, heard Du Shanxue's mayor to treat wet protection to put forward to growing " beyond the mark requirement " .

Long treat wet position to treat city northwest at growing, proximate Zhang lustre reservoir, always cover an area of an area to be about 744. 8 hectare, zoology is resourceful, natural landscape is beautiful, it is long order city east the main component of area of Shanxi water scene. This year on June 11, approval of national construction department is long treat wet park to be park of national city wet land, this also is Shanxi province park of wet land of city of the first state.

For it is good to grow the length that treats a person to take great pride to wipe wet protection, last year in October, this city was started include to go up party basin inside " two ground " protection works, established scientific wet protection program, published the executive opinion of wet protection. This year, be aimed at at present wet atrophy and the current situation that develop without foreword, the organization began wet protective annulus to defend special action, according to the requirement of park of national city wet land, do one's best accomplishs " do-nothing and treat " : Enlarge flood source, increase vegetation, maintain the zoology character of wet ecosystem, basic function and ecological balance; Remove enterprise, dismantle a structure, can last what assure wet resource use, can last what realize a city development and person and natural harmonious coexistence.