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Buy a room to move to look first geomantic
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Buy a room to move to look first geomantic recently, a few citizens are hit into our newspaper hot line, appear in reflective village many " look geomantic " small advertisement. Yesterday, the reporter undertook investigating to this, discovery buys a room to look geomantic, move calculate a day to wait old consuetudinary in partial citizen popularity rises.
Geomantic advertisement rushs into a village
The bark lady that lives in Hefei city how to reside center village tells a reporter, she discovered many seeing in the village geomantic small advertisement, looking to feel is the swindler's intrigue. Her neighbour should move recently, tell her, the plan calls let " Great Master " calculate a wedding day, this lets bark lady very do not understand.
According to the report of bark lady, the reporter visited An Juyuan village. Around village gate, a few use what black brush writes to see geomantic ad, writing on advertisement " the building names, look geomantic, dial a telephone please... " the place that often passes on foot in the dweller in the village, also can see similar small ad. According to the reader's report, appeared in many villages of Hefei city at present " look geomantic " small advertisement.
Partial citizen be biased
The reporter discovers in visit, appear in the village " look geomantic " small advertisement, accorded with one part citizen's superstitious psychology. In Hefei city north Ms. Wang that bridal chamber bought near 2 annulus tells a reporter, because at ordinary times too busy, she was asked originally decorate a team to want to be in last on the weekend start working. But after the husband that is away on official business outerly comes back, object stoutly, the old person in asking to ask the home first goes looking for a person to calculate a wedding day reactivate, two people quarrelled greatly for this one.
These " geomantic " advertisement is stuck into the village not only, some returning went up Internet. Not only major " geomantic " website, a lot of websites return open up " geomantic " zone, "Buy chummage room to view 11 geomantic principles " wait for similar message without number. A lot of netizens buy a house, marry, decorate should get online calculate, or on the flower hundreds of yuan of money, ask geomantic gentleman on-the-spot guidance.
Good will meets with person calculate
"Look for a person to calculate a time or be to look geomantic, always do not have disadvantage. " in a lot of dwellers that interview in the reporter, have very big one part person is adopting this kind of attitude.
Dweller marriage, buy the room, plan when decorating auspicious this also give no cause for more criticism, but if was had blind faith in,say geomanticly, rather contain Platonic colour. Besides, a lot of cheater used a dweller this kind of good will, from which obtain is undeserved interest, when the dweller is contacted, should be careful.
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