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Be out of pocket of good intention person helps 100 poor door move
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Be out of pocket of good intention person helps 100 poor door move Lu Xiuwen of person of acknowledgment good intention " , mr Wang that lives in calabash island old the city zone comes to calabash island veteran remover bows deeply to the manager Lu Xiuwen here, express his gratitude to veteran remover. From 2000 so far, lu Xiuwen of veteran remover manager is many 100 difficulty door to move freely early or late, right still poverty door is contributory more than yuan 20 thousand.

Lu Xiuwen is Shandong saves person of gigantic wild county, worked 1996 with family, became to work younger sister. Through a few years feel climb boil dozen, established 2000 calabash island city is veteran remover. In moving to the dweller, her hair is a few more existing poverty door connects the basiccest life safeguard to be done not have, then with respect to bud the thought that helps them move freely.

Mr Wang of many years old 70 builds residential village to hire a room to live in calabash island distant this year, the body of Mr Wang and old partner all the year round sick, domestic economy is very difficult. Son of many years old 40 mixes Mr Wang this year daughter-in-law divorces, after the divorce, the son goes out work, do not have mail message all the year round, abandon a 10 much granddaughter and two old people to depend on each other. The basic necessities of life of good to take care of granddaughter, mr Wang and old partner decision and granddaughter move one daily life to live. Want to move, oneself age big, there is a family member again beside, employ a person to move him economy is very difficult.

This year on Feburary 28, mr Wang makes the telephone call hit veteran remover, after Lu Xiuwen understands the situation of Mr Wang home, the decision moves freely for Mr Wang. Lu Xiuwen and stuff come Mr Wang home, see the Mr Wang family financial situation of in utter destitution, she shed tear, the decision should help Mr Wang family. All family belongs of Mr Wang is very simple, have bedding of a few beds and a few vintage wood only case and basin of boiler bowl gourd ladle, the home is moved very quickly. When be being faced, lu Xiuwen sends 200 yuan of money in the hand of Mr Wang, express to still often can see an old person, help an old person. Evermore Lu excellent article often sends some of articles for daily use and oil of a few grain with employee. Below Liu Guizhi's help, life had Mr Wang gradually to improve.

When the reporter is being interviewed, lu Xiuwen tells a reporter, veteran remover from since holding water, move freely for many 100 difficulty door early or late, right still poverty door is contributory more than yuan 20 thousand. On May 10, she establishs a love in the company again contributory box, she wants move every time of earnings gain 10% contributory to impoverished student, help poverty student became round university dream.

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