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Village afforest transforms Tianjin to move domestic owner circumfluence
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Village afforest transforms Tianjin to move domestic owner circumfluence to touch war greatly, village afforest world-shaking

Come to garden of the four seasons, the author found husband and wife of this pair of afforest on village lawn. Chen An country is long dark, figure is not tall, dedicated clip lawn, it is behind him nearby, he Tingxiu is sweeping the grass that is cut to fall ceaselessly.

"Clip rises now much simpler. " but the when just coming to a village along with property last year in June case since after-thought, chen An country still remain fresh in one's memory. Fireweed, withered leaf, rubbish, scatter in each corners of village greenbelt, and because a lot of tree are long-term without clip, freedom grows, early did not have original figure, and he and wife are about to be in charge of afforest of the nearly 20 thousand square metre inside the village maintain, safeguard.

Be in after the cleanness of didymous greenbelt, husband and wife two begin ground of bold and resolute to undertake to village afforest " face-lifting " . Ground of one knife knife cuts branch, fireweed a ground shovel, see Chen An state safeguard gimmick, property manager Jiang Minghua worries a bit at first, "Resembling is to destroying afforest. "Resembling is to destroying afforest..

But through period of time, everybody is open-eyed. The lawn of level off, tree is gotten to the model has kind by clip. "Very long after the owner that did not live in the village sees afforest, play my hand excitedly, say to want to move a village. " Jiang Minghua feels extremely proud for this.

Cure is cultivated " Hua Tuo " effect a miraculous cure and bring the dying back to life

To maintain annual constant green, the two grass that get used to different season with two kinds come husband and wife litter level ground, yellow won't appear in order to assure season when replace. And particularly cold in the winter, be frozen bad to prevent sod, they spread film on partial lawn again.

A lot of sweet-scented osmanthus trees, tea tree was planted inside the village, did not consider them when be cultivated at first the growth henceforth, cultivate relatively concentration. "Do not part them, likely withered dead. " husband and wife after the two plants that surveyed whole village distributing, for many 100 tree sought new home, hand-in-hand travel transplants.

The most magical is husband and wife two bring back to life the oriental cherry tree that is close to death. In husband and wife two before coming to a village, gale, blew the tree of an oriental cherry inside the village, because do not have seasonable deliverance, the half is already withered. Course of study appoint meeting hope property can cultivate this bring back to life.

"If be helped up directly, the tree should die for certain. " Chen An country says, let a tree restore vitality first only. Husband and wife two a hole is dug beside tree root, bury into fertilizer of a pail of bucket again, cover with earth, spent some of time, oriental cherry tree lived to come over really actually, help tree up again next.
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