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Look for Tianjin to remove the company moves autograph contract cannot little
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Look for Tianjin to remove the company moves autograph contract cannot little on September 3, citizen Mr Zhao makes a telephone call to our newspaper, say oneself are recently when new residence of move to a better place or have a promotion, a more precious furniture is damaged in carrying a process, because he did not follow remover to sign a contract, and there is not discovery at that time, be forced avowed and hapless. The citizen that Mr Zhao warns preparation to move many heart, the contract must be signed with remover when moving.
As we have learned, when looking for a person to move, be absent by the circumstance of attaint article a few, businesses of some remover attend to can make symbolistic compensation, but many remover are in charge of far from however. The main reason that creates this kind of situation is the part grooms without post at all from personnel of course of study, go after blindly carry rate.
Henan grows Beijing of Song Yan of solicitor of wind attorney office to think, asking a person to move actually is not bagatelle, answer to sign a contract with the other side. Both sides has although conventional hind became little valuable perhaps damaged furniture, also can safeguard oneself rights and interests through legal measure. Evidence proves article is to moving in the process damaged, remover should compensation of depreciation of according to the set price, although verbal contract is due also effect. Additional, before moving had better wait to undertake taking a picture and affirm via both sides to precious furniture or cultural relic, such in case bilateral occurrence conflict is more convincing.