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Service network privilege fries igneous Tianjin to move hot
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Service network privilege fries igneous Tianjin to move heat

Move during National Day original with respect to demand exuberant, increase service net " send bright fall " the stimulation of favourable activity, more citizen begins the operation, and admire the one continuous line of service network in the heart extremely serve.

This paragraph of time, move new residence to can be driven when National Day comes, many citizens had begun to getting busy about looking for remover. Also have many office worker, because ferial li of job is busy, only when National Day long holiday just has time to look for remover. Many citizens already against a rainy day, make an appointment ahead of schedule to service network in succession move service, service network newspaper builds a hot line hot.

Service network moves responsible person, these two days had had many clients to begin to make an appointment move during National Day, they basically came on October 1 centrally on October 5, already ten clients make an appointment to the company now, advisory person is without number more.

Citizen poplar gentleman is decorated already in the new home of Xin garden end, to be driven in new residence of the move to a better place or have a promotion before mid-autumn, be in all the time recently advertent remover. Yesterday, he sees on the newspaper golden hill evening paper serves a net to roll out " move machine send air conditioning to cover " favourable activity, his mind disturbed with respect to some: "The air conditioning in the home was bought before long, sent air conditioning covers what should return pretty canal to use, the most important is, the public praise that serves a net is really pretty good. " when to the service net newspaper is repaired, mr Yang blurt out asked sentence: "Does service network still have move? " after getting affirming replying, he can'ts help feeling happy secretly: Flat move to also look for service network, an ark machine, two are hanged machine, tore open simultaneously move the past along with all the others, also saved many traffic expense. At once, mr Yang is opposite the staff member says service network: "The trouble helps me arrange again those who move. " drop a telephone call, aside wife reminds: "Be like TV function to use 10 yuan of coupons, 21 inches of color television that panda having a station is not in the home, bad for ages, flat also let serve net master to come over to look, can repair repair, cannot repair did not want, lest belt still takes place to bridal chamber. " Mr Yang listens, the rational of character, dialed service network to sign up for long phone again immediately: "I still want to repair TV. " this falls, but Mr Yang charges minute of favourable activity that enjoys service network, one is not pulled!
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