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Tianjin remover 6 remind greatly
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Tianjin remover 6 remind greatly 1. By seldom use thing begins to arrange.
By seldom use thing first case, for example: Book, garment passing s surname is content, seldom used feeding implement or place adorn.  
2. undertakes the case of a room is arranged only.
Because can forget what thing to put,be in which case, so, do not compare the article lump case of each rooms good.
3. clog puts casket, box of enlarge of old other people.
The clog is like a book, china, the meeting when if load big case,be being carried is very painstaking, reason cent outfit goes to small box.
4. tags article name outside paper box.  
After case is finished, the room number that tastes content name and new residence without fail please is tagged outside this box.
5. case does not have space.
Inside box if have space, the article inside box will be mobile, and bring about damaged. If do not take care to have space, regard as with newspaper bumper material secures the article in box.  
6. attention is not installed overmuch too full.
Install overmuch case to be out of shape easily, the likelihood brings about damaged of the article in box, additional, because the likelihood when folding box is lopsided and collapse, this is breakneck.