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Tianjin moves special punish begins carriage market
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Tianjin moves special punish begins carriage market to move for farther standard whole town carriage market order, purify move carriage market, ensure the legitimate rights and interests of broad citizen, build lasting effect to superintend a mechanism, the standard moves carriage behavior and management behavior, raise service quality, credit to spend, city traffic bureau will begin from September 1, have by a definite date of two months move carriage market is special punish activity, the plan ended on October 31. It is condition of firm market admittance, severity is investigated move illegally carry, aggrandizement manages from personnel of course of study, strengthen an industry to superintend in the round. 2 it is to increase check strength. In carrying the market to moving " black move " , " guerrilla " wait to manage door of course of study illegally, traffic bureau will is the same as industrial and commercial wait for a branch to undertake associated executing the law, the key is investigated, achieve discovery, ban. 3 it is to build credit to assess a mechanism, move to what manage legally transportation enterprises undertakes quality reputation is assessed, will assess a result fixed to the society fair show. 4 it is to ask to move transportation enterprises is accomplished " 5 unified " , namely: Contract of unified model, unified service, uniform price, unified use text, unified execute a company to turn management. 5 it is to moving carriage car undertakes unity number, the car that asks to accord with a regulation is in prominent place spray " Jinan moves (number) " label, what connect freight traffic in order to distinguish its and general is different, convenient and broad citizen identifies and use. (city traffic bureau)