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New idea is abundant: Happy and auspicious confused of small extraordinary splen
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New idea is abundant: Joy is auspicious confused of small extraordinary splendour length a holiday presents new idea thick

[play a new pattern]

The kite on sun island flies all over the sky

"Do not lose whirling about of spring breeze dance, take the advantage of east wind to put kite again. " on May 1 morning 9 when make, on sun island, in blue sky Bai Yun's set off falls, of 52 square metre giant software kite " Olympic Games Fu Wa " , put in the hand of the kite Great Master that comes from Wei lane fly, pulled open " section of travel of kite of island of sun of first loose north " prelusive. Below sunshine, rise high into the air of about a hundred kite in citizen hand and case, formed a picture scroll of a beauty...

Controlled partly at 10 o'clock, the rise high into the air of kite of centipede of bibcock of Beijing opera types of facial makeup in operas that comes from father and son of the Zhang Jixuan of Daqing, Zhang Yuanjun put 100 meters when fly to grow and case, bring those who get tourist to gasp in admiration. Zhang Yuanjun tells a reporter gladly: "This kite from make the time that put flying success to use more than two years. Father is in charge of making, I am in charge of drawing the Beijing opera types of facial makeup in operas of the brave man of 108 Liang Shan on kite. " the bibcock kite of father and son of Home Zhang there just went up to the sky, kite of two many meters 200 when Helen comes from here long black, Gong Long heads also prepares God. Because the kite of team of sea human relations is too big, preexistence of Wang Haibo and his person of the same trade has placed bibcock dragon body on the beach, served a sky megalosaurus in the join forces below the help of everybody thereafter. When two megalosaurus with the wind and case, hover when the sky, surrounded the citizen of view to boil, 3 megalosaurus that they follow the sky keep running, crying, large quantities of photography lover also in succession beside gather together is putting the person that fly, "Spear weak point prepares Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan " the ground is caught " dragon " heroic bearing. The citizen sees so grand kite is performed, call instantly announcement kin friend sees kite, fly a kite to sun island.

In the has 779 years old old man of spot fly a kite, also have the child that did not go to school child, greatly small, glowed various kite dresses up the sky colourfully. Mr Li that works in mechanism tells a reporter: "Section of sun island kite attracts us to this to come. I had not crossed sun island 15 years, sun island gives what I stay or the impression when. Come this, just see, the change of sun island is too big, too beautiful. Too beautiful..

According to management board of sun island beauty spot Director Gu Yan introduces, play part of kite of Harbin sun island this have come from and other places of Mu Si of Wei lane, Taiyuan, Nantong, Beijing, Heibei, Daqing, Helen, beautiful 229 kite Great Masters and their kite work, let Harbin citizen be in " 51 " one feast one's eyes on of holiday.
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