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The dweller puts musical alarm neighbour more than 10 years day and night
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The dweller puts musical alarm neighbour more than 10 years day and night Guangxi news network - Yang Xun of guest of austral morning paper (reporter Zhong Liang) music is together with wonderful connection normally, nevertheless, bin Yang county always military market has some of dweller to speak of music to feel disgusted. All the time since, there is a dweller to disregard here persuade day and night music of unruly or unrestrained, sent fire by the near neighbour of the influence, brandish crosses fist. But this dweller is inexorable, the menace that risking fling abuses and brick musical unruly or unrestrained after all.

On April 29 midday, a wonderful musical tone rings on area of dormitory of bureau of work of Cong Yongwu market, dweller yellow gentleman spanks rapidly before the window, hands or feet has closed the window deftly, conveniently still takes posse cotton to go to a place of strategic importance in ear. See the reporter feels puzzled, he laughs mysteriously laugh say: "Etc issue you to know fierce! " before long hind, musical sound lifts unexpectedly, "Peng Peng " shake be perturbed letting a person. It is reported, around dweller already by " mad music " tormented more than 10 years, when is still knowing just an end, more than 10 dwellers are overcome be forced to move.

Musical sound comes out from the 3 buildings of home of a dweller, have everyday almost, broadcast time to have each different. Mr Huang says: "Sometimes early morning play music, sometimes noon rings madly, even late night faze person Qing Meng. " another attentive dweller says, he discovers not only light music, still revolutionary song, popular music, dance music, jazz waits. Most allow authority the jazz wanting number of be perturbed, put, the pane near feeling letting a person is asp and more than, the dweller thinks, have 100 much decibel at least. The dweller says, this " music is mad " it is Wu Mou, according to entering him domestic person introduces, his home has 10 sound box at least, highest have one person almost tall, the equipment photograph that goes up with the concert is compared, their volume is none inferior also. A neighbour says: "Second Wu Mou held a child in the arms to go up, just arrived 2 buildings, the child was cried by shake, also do not agree to go upstairs again. " still neighbour says, his saw with one's own eyes sees Wu Mou music of one edge unruly or unrestrained, oneself are taking earplug to watch TV in the home however.

As we have learned, wu Mou infatuation does not change music of unruly or unrestrained, also had sufferred. Often be intoxicated at musical sound is medium in him, the brick of of all kinds that size differs " " sound breaks a window and enter, be bungled to the floor, return somebody to take aim went up the sound box that he puts in the window, think method to do destroy. Wu Mou uses windowsill of string bag general layer upon layer protection, bricky stone also is broken through hard. The fiercest penalty should be counted last year in October, a few youths chop Wu Mou. Everybody thinks in commiserative heart, this mad music always should stop. Letting what everybody indissolubles is, after Wu Mou has been hurt, musical sound rings again unexpectedly.
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