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Tianjin anecdote moves the home to build go in one car furniture
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Tianjin anecdote moves the home to build go in one car furniture " get point of safes for carry of this car furniture, I am floriferous car of 100 several purse moves, where is result? The dress also was lost, the case is bad also... link a compensation to now otherwise comes, do you say to enrage a person not? " yesterday, just move from Tianjin come to Shenyang city Ms. Sun of the area enrages iron on the west the course that anger ground told about her to move this with the reporter.

   Rent a car move the plan is reliable

Several days ago, pass family person to discuss, ms. Sun decides to move the home of Tianjin to Shenyang. 3 days ago, she will to Tianjin beautiful give freight limited company to deal with furniture freight formalities.

The person of freight company says, case consigns these furniture to want 1000 money, rent a car alone want 1300 yuan. Ms. Sun chose none hesitantly to rent a car: "Although,rent a car a few more expensive, should pursue smooth and steady! " both sides signed a contract, when the contract stipulates furniture is accurate 15 days morning, carry goes to Shenyang.

   The garment loses box to destroy nobody compensate

Letting what Ms. Sun did not think of is, rent a car freight still gave an issue.

When Ms. Sun is receiving beautiful of goods square Shenyang to give a company to see furniture of her that one car foolish eye: bad, cylinder dropped the case, the dress in wrap up also disappeared...

To this, shenyang beautiful gives the staff member of freight company to say, shenyang beautiful is given be being given with Tianjin beautiful is a name only identical, it is a company far from, so, want compensation to be able to seek Tianjin respect only.

When the contract that takes out her to give a lot with Tianjin beautiful when Ms. Sun, stay again however: The root in the contract does not have any clauses that how should be compensated for by attaint circumstance about once happen,consigning kinds or types of goods originally, this does not have a law to serve as the basis of claim for compensation according to the contract that is to say.

  Lawyer viewpoint:

Clause seeing Qing Dynasty signs a contract again

To the problem that Ms. Sun encounters, liaoning law believes lawyer of change of attorney office Li Zhen to think, taking legal weapon to uphold his right do not have a mistake, the key is the evidence that finds damage of kinds or types of goods.