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[Offer] the small-sized student with the cheapest Tianjin moves freight
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The price: The face is discussedSupply and demand: OfferCategory: The residence moves
Area: River on the west - equestrian field
Label: The residence moves

Small a few piece goods, it is bad move really; The car is not pulled, the lorry is being installed little; Neither more nor less than -- biscuit as it happens.

Our company contract to do a job domestic loose mail moves (without big furniture) , the student moves (change a living quarter, inside city highest 99 yuan) , hire a room to move temporarily, employee of domestic member, company is received send reach all sorts of renting a car, the one wife and children that small-sized goods of factory, company carries a service move freight center, I am small-sized move freight center, low-cost, collect fees reasonable, the service is considerate, credit the first, when be being saved for you, be economical, save worry. In the job, we carry out forbidden and efficient operation flow, serve for you wholeheartedly! Of high quality, honest be as good as one's word from personnel of course of study it is us significant sth used to one's own advantage, also be the criterion that we pursue, we will with " honest be as good as one's word " this one criterion is offerred for you most when the province, be economical, the service of save worry.
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