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[Offer] King Kong moves 30 yuan
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Brand-new Chang'an 2 generation, the Songhua River, , golden cup minibus, can provide all sorts of services that use a car for you (small-sized move, the airport is received send, pupil learns to receive up and down send, travel rents a car etc. . . ) the area inside the car is large, clean and neat, car condition is admirable, can install inside the car tidy chest, boot, work out bag, computer, computer desk, the simple furniture such as washing machine, it is labour firewood estate, white-collar, student, the ideal of office worker chooses, the price is reasonable, the service is consummate, 24 hours serve for you, service site Tianjin the 6 areas inside each university and city, beijing, pond buy, heibei, shandong and other places. Address: The area leaves to contact EMail south Tianjin city: Stephenie_cheng@hotmail.com gold gentleman