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The residence is geomantic with life
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The residence is the mankind numerous delay haunt place, it is the place of people conserce strength and store up energy, also be the biggest dress that people can wear, having special protective effect to people. Accordingly, all through the ages has live and work in peace and contentment say. The person because curtilage and stand, put because of the person curtilage, the person is interlinked curtilage, inductive heaven and earth. When be built so or choosing the residence, must with scientific and adj viewpoint, experience attentively, fine meaning observes, the Tibetan wind that ability is built and chooses 擇 to arrive to have favorable effect to health of human body body and mind gets together gas, gratified flexibly fine house.

" copulative of · of The Book of Changes " say: "Antediluvian person live in caves and tough part, later ages sage is easy with palace room, go up a next eaves, in order to need wind and rain, the lid takes Zhu Dazhuang. " this is the gradual progress that says a building, primitive is on burrow originally in, or outdoors bivouac, encounter the sky to have thunderstorm occur simultaneously, or wind snow is cold, the way that forefathers settles, invent a building namely with avoiding, reason takes elephantine Yu Dazhuang (The Book of Changes is big strong divinatory symbols elephant is: Divinatory symbols shake is thunder on, divinatory symbols male is a day below, for eaves.

The ancients has put forward wind and water is the immediate cause that makes a building form, and modern often says the residence is caky music, breathed language, because residential pattern shows the wisdom of human acclimatization, curtilage good person flourishing is the mankind is opposite thousands of years all the time the pursuit of residential culture. Will look with adj viewpoint, the residence should have Tibetan wind to get together angry characteristic. But selecting the geomantic issue that will explain the residence from now on only still is not quite comprehensive, come for years according to the author the discovery after geomantic to the residence research, the residence is geomantic learning is by ' landscape of geophysical, hydrogeology, environment learns, celestial or heavenly body of aerography of zoology architecture, climate, universe learns, magnetism learns to azimuth and the integrated course of the 8 colleges division such as informatics of human body life. Pick from [intelligent predestined relationship is geomantic learn] . Accordingly, no matter be to build illicit home house, perhaps have the development of real-estate project, perhaps undertake town planning and construction, if can be paid attention to,the research of geomantic science is mixed apply, very ideal result will be achieved in building a course, also can make people produces a kind of intimacy and kind move to these buildings, people lives in such environment, affirmative meeting body and mind is healthy, life happiness.

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