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The kitchen is geomantic 16 unique skill
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Geomantic and character, the kitchen has the drawback of a few a priori, the article teachs you how the cuisine with fear good buy is geomantic, long protect healthy, flourishing money flourishing carries.

The kitchen and bathroom area that uses water in great quantities, be regarded as the more ominous room in the residence, and the good or ill luck that its are in the position, classics regular meeting controls what the home carries to promote decline.

The kitchen is in catharsis and cook alimental process, can use many water, and water is fortune is indicative, go against the save up that money carries so. But on the other hand, kitchen and bathroom have suppress again fierce the function of an evil spirit gas. Find a place for the kitchen so in not matter or fierce square, advantageous to habitant instead.

Adjust the decoration of the position of the kitchen and kitchen utensils and appliances, purify its adverse element, build a good cuisine geomantic.

◆ the first action " the position "
Geomantic teacher can suggest to find a place for the kitchen normally in the parent 4 of this life divinatory symbols fierce square, conduce to suppress fierce honest evil spirit energy of life. The in relief gas that ingle place produces can mediate fierce honest dirty energy of life, improve its geomantic.
The kitchen also should be located in second half ministry of the residence, be far from a gate as far as possible.

◆ the 2nd action " the five elements gives birth to a gram "
The hydrosphere that cistern place produces, the internal heat with gas stove is afoul. So gas stove cannot is opposite with cistern or freezer strong. Gas stove also cannot proximate cistern. Unfavorable also independence is in furnace in the center of the kitchen, because internal heat of kitchen center position crosses flourishing, can bring about a family to break close.

◆ the 3rd action " mouth "
Alleged mouth is the material firewood entrance that points to cooking range originally, with contemporary gas stove character, it is the mouth taking energy of life that points to gas, those who be located in ignition switch is rear. Mouth should as far as possible the life of male host of the government and the public or goodwife square.

◆ the 4th action " attach most importance to with the mother "
If design the limitation on because of the kitchen, the any Ji Fang that cannot grow mouth day homeward, try to face towards mouth of the mother delay year square, this but promotional family concerns close come to an agreement.

◆ the 5th action " kitchen utensils and appliances is furnished "
Consider the decoration of kitchen utensils and appliances next. If useful to microwave oven or electric rice cooker, should park 4 your Jifangzhi one. The electrical outlet of electric rice cooker and microwave oven also should be located in Ji Fang. Same principle also applies to toast machine and smolder boiler to wait.
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