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Live in geomantic sitting room piece
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All doors should open by left

Right Bai Hu of alleged Zun Qinglong, qing Long is moved in Zun Yi, bai Hu is in right appropriate is static, so all door should from Zun Kaiwei auspicious, that is to say person by in appropriate of outward, doorknob is set in left. If or so reverse brings about domestic dispute easily,open the door.

The gate cannot is opposite elevator

The building is live its gate can not is opposite elevator door, rushing to causing shoot adverse money carry, resident contracts a disease easily.

The gate cannot is opposite point-blank window, back door or toilet

The door and window are the mouth inside house of pass in and out of regulating the flow of vital energy and removing obstruction to it, the gate cannot be become repeatedly with window, back door all the time line, form around door photograph to wear, make hallway of regulating the flow of vital energy and removing obstruction to it goes out continuously, cannot gather within house, because of this fortune cannot collect articles into a volume, call so return money. The toilet is the space that provides people to excrete, substaintial not male clean, so the gate also shoulds not be straight to the toilet. The gate can make to the toilet economy investment makes mistake continuously, make person money goes into money, damage the money of family to carry.

Gate and sitting room should set porch

Geomantic gist " be fond of whirly, avoid to rush continuously " . Gate and sitting room set porch or file of short ark block, make inside and outside somewhat amortize, regulating the flow of vital energy and removing obstruction to it be able to whirly hind gather at the sitting room, residential interior also gets covert, outside not easy pry. Residential interior concealments hide, indicative good luck is continuous.

The sitting room should be set in live foremost square

The sitting room should see above all after entering a gate, and bedchamber, kitchen and other space should be set in the house rear. The space applies configuration reverse, be in sitting room setting by accident rear, can create the situation that return money, make money carry away easily declivous.

Live flourishing the inclined diagonal in the gate

Live flourishing it is normally in the sitting room, its are main the condition is quiet, stable, cannot use a line in order to be of the passageway, generally speaking flourishing it is to be in the inclined diagonal that enters sitting room doorway. Since flourishing many appear at gate inclined diagonal, should not be pensile so mirror, because the mirror has catoptric effect, the movement power of family of easy block up; Make money carries prediction of a person's luck in a given year of not good, opportunity. Flourishing should place but the mascot of further movement power, best method is to grow the lubricious plant of wide Xie Lu that has vitality.  
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