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Move effect of floral wind hydrotherapy
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Plant and flowers have edible and the value that view and admire only not just just, they also are symbolizing of life and heart grow with prosperity. They can reduce your pressure, provide your natural protective screen, let you avoid the pollution that gets air and noise. Our discovery sets the plant the vigor that can promote spirit indoors, in geomantic domain, they provided a kind of curative effect that not have.

In geomantic domain, the plant is most absorbing and one of relatively pragmatic cure way. Be in any areas no matter, lifelike gas can produce very big effect - the energy that it can affect energy of life and direction, it also can help gas reply balance position.

Geomantic the most original intent is the connection that strengthening person and natural world, and generation of plant by means of gives birth to the natural atmosphere that is born not to cease, made up this one main connection bridge. They can prevent gas to be in dark corner gradually down-turn, OK also and gently just circulated the air with through corridor bigger wave motion.

Below special situation, the plant can produce the energy of extraordinary to close suitably with the environmental state at that time. For example: In can radiative report near the wiring that shoot, in the air that the energy ﹔ that the plant can produce to offset with electrostatic photograph hangs in toxin, the plant has depurative effect, can produce fresh air. When the plant is placed with having the kind of special significance, they can be angry main source, for example: When be being placed according to azimuth of the Eight Diagrams, they are OK life of ecbolic, activation 8 great desires.

◆ has the plant of geomantic curative effect

Healthy, flourish plant is gas is important the person that facilitate, they are OK will give birth to the energy that is born not to cease to take the home in.

Flowers - be in especially bloom period - representing lucky, because their Technicolor is like,be united in wedlock with correct the five elements, can promote 8 great desires reach. It is when you when plant of choose and buy, want the form of special attention leaf. Have some of phyletic plant, especially its leaf is pointed shape - can produce toxin or evil spirit gas, namely we are weighed " bad geomantic " . The plant with juicily bine of choice round shape, leaf is better, they are contained attract " good sign " potential energy.

The curative effect that man-made flowers can produce is less, dan Reneng maintains his for a long time clean, orderly still be practicable. However, if you cannot maintain health of plant, flowers, have enough water share, and when making its are about to die, symbolizing namely death and misfortune. So, major premise is: Healthy air comes from Yu Jiankang's plant and flowers.

In geomantic domain, the plant still has the use of other respect, for example: It conduces to exciting backwater be being enraged in corner, immobile, make gas loose rises; It is OK bate those because the acute, needle, this world that have the article of angle and arises is angry. Additional, set the plant can make this position more active in the area that lacks enough energy, the room also appears wider. Enclothe with shade act when bookcase, office equipment is placed in
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