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What place is geomantic learn to think not to suit to live
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Big in principle, better really place, natural or factitious bad relief, it is unfavorable live, with respect to hill graveyard grave also shoulds not be, because already lost ground spirit. Clever gas already was broken, evil influence photograph is followed, with to use, naturally has 100 to kill and do not have one benefit, luckily is met truly absolutely do not see more, it is not difficult that other and other issue is solved, touch on absolutely everybody is changed hard.

Be opposite in classics geographical 10 not of the photograph saying is to point to

One, not Chou Shi of photograph deer dense,

2, not urgent water is contended for stream,

3, not poor source absolutely,

4, not alone bibcock,

5, not after the Buddha before look spirit,

6, not curtilage the grave rests convict,

7, not photograph hillock hold up is random,

8, not geomantic sad,

9, do not sit down low soft,

10, not Xiang Longhu cusp.

Cloud of formulas put into verse: "Jing of Pi clever place, of poor be out of practice cool, destroy town of old grave, deserted ruins, a long time sound of Gao Long, beach weeps sorrowfully, company temple altar, 4 water do not return. . . . . . " this all is abominable the ground, an auspicious that avoid.

The part that makes a person fathomless is " after the Buddha before the god " and " company temple altar " these two, atheistic of course understand more not easily, take the meaning of this classics, the place of temple of concerned fane Buddha is unfavorable build house to make acupuncture point, accordingly to so landform, geomantic division is not to look geomantic. Why to look after all? Because of,demonstrative predestined relationship was not made clear in classics, the clever gas that is these places actually is cloister place early to absorb, with be without benefit to use, still bring fierce elephant below some kind of case.

Afore-mentioned reason, with atheist listens come. Won't believe absolutely, only right " urgent water is contended for stream " , " alone bibcock " etc not " " think justifiable, abide by be like appearance, xuan Zhi is thought black, cannot see exterior reason. Basically be those places do not have clever gas already most, more lack is lucky, not say to send Fu Fagui, even restful two words also have a problem, accept or reject to depend on this therefore.

Like that affairs of human life was not in absolutely, day heads for new look curtilage, very strange that house is sticking one small ancestral hall, this ancestral hall is short, the left and right sides is sticking the residence with tall third floor, compress that ancestral hall so that imposing manner all breaks so, two or so houses do not suffer hereat " company temple altar " place influence, this is tens of year will see for the first time reach.
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