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Transform geomantic main method
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What accord with a requirement completely is geomantic it is not much. Some places have come dragon, have protect arenaceous, do not have bound water however; Some places have come dragon, have bound water, did not protect however arenaceous. Geomantic the inadequacy that learns to consider as geography to go up, some can be transformed through undertaking artificially, remedy artificially, be like below a few respects:

One, leave canal pilot a ship into a harbour:
Or the store water that build a pool. To be short of the point of water, remedy with this law; Back comes dragon advocate arteries and veins, the left and right sides has protect arenaceous, there is bright pool before. Come dragon be linked together is angry, protect arenaceous Tibet wind, bright pond gets water, this became Dajide, to a village, if around have a river, also have adopt canal the method of pilot a ship into a harbour undertakes transform and be usinged. If there is brook water course before acupuncture point, come water is impatient appropriate builds bank dam emergency and stay, buddha water " bump into a city to turn over a back " , but fluvial change its course, make annulus shields account. Do not cross pair of great river great rivers, this kind of method won'ted do. Also should press accordingly " understanding is natural, use nature, transform nature, comply with nature " 4 big principles undertake adjustment.

2, earth up dragon to fill arenaceous:
Come dragon is low smooth, arenaceous hill is low be short of, can carry fill of earthy block up artificially, and forest in order to raise height, take shelter from the wind in order to achieve, adjust temperature humidity and the purpose that drop in temperature.

3, repair the house:
If change the gate orientation of primary residence, change the size size of door window, change the position of residential interior, in order to accord with 8 curtilage art, 5 curtilage art sits to " geomantic theory " requirement, to be opposite the residence of highway or ave, can use the way that builds a screen wall facing the gate of a house to try keep out, a screen wall facing the gate of a house is built outside the door or inside the door. Its intention is block wind, 2 to avoid evil spirit.

4, use geomantic town thing:
Geomantic the town thing that learns to go up has a lot of planting, if press down the pagoda of the river. River water swift current, often overrun, build pagoda with the town, the bridge also has the function that presses down unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease, geomantic learn to think, the bridge is built in water mouth, can rise involve the action that protect, can make money of the tarry that press down a village is enraged. Come dragon situation is gone against suddenly urgently fold, have the elephant of unruly, appropriate builds tower with the town. "Shi Gan is become " also be a kind of town curtilage content, often be be opposite the highroad, stone stands on the direction of the ave, press down in order to block unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease curtilage. Monster-revealing mirror town is another kind of method curtilage, think according to the ancients, avoid of bewitching demons and monsters looks in the mirror, because be illuminated,can show original shape, so monster-revealing mirror has avoid the action of bewitching exorcise. Additionally still one press down content to be accord with, it is a kind of written script or drawing, be like: "The Five Mountains is pressed down curtilage accord with " the wood that use a peach-shaped thing is board, there is magic figures drawn by Taoist priests to invoke or expel spirits and bring good or ill fortune of god of the Five Mountains of bright red book on. " in relief curtilage 10 books · talks Fu Zhen " in say: "The Five Mountains presses down curtilage accord with: Laic messuage is disturbed, or do mischief of demon evil spirit,
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