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Sleep room pattern is movement power
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Household wants a master Fang Wenchang pattern is movement power, household is geomantic, master room is an important segment. Our hardship is daylong, time it is the most important to arrive in the home it is to sleep room, that is rest place, should comfortable install with your popular feeling, this is normal. And, the basis is geomantic learn, wen Chang should place well, more than advantageous to oneself, beneficial to filial future also good effect.

If be dim, sleep murkily room, how can bring good prospect, accordingly the light wants sufficient, include sunshine and the light of a lamp; In addition, the mirror is illuminated the head of a bed is bad also, the room of modern may have a lot of mirrors, in order to increase interest, connect the ceiling to have, do not know inverted reflection in water however heavily, can affect carry situation.

If be the room that there is the window how?

Without the room of the window, had better use put goods, if put in the person, be equal to is goods, that but bad, the wife lives the room that does not have the window, can affect use of the fate brings lovers together. Strand, the likelihood becomes old money.

The platoon of the bed sets a principle

Do not sleep instead

Do not press bridge, do not press droplight

Do not appear empty, do not rely on a window, the head of a bed should rely on a wall

Do not develop the door, do not rush lavatory

Buy enters an inclined diagonal

The head of a bed does not rely on kitchen, toilet

Do not set stair to fall

The mirror is opposite bed