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Move geomantic new door buy a house
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The Chinese values house institute very much, if economic capacity is permitted, buy building property surely surely, think such " head of block having tile " , the root establishs Caikesheng life! Can have otherwise wave feeling of berth unfriended lose.
Because of this reason, the Chinese is in He De personally no matter, how to all reside with buy course of study as first goal. Since used this Mo much painstaking effort to buy a building, hope of course oneself property not only can live cozily, and Yixi hopes to get Ding Cai of two flourishing.
A lot of average per capita hope to carry geomantic good building will live, but how to know to should choose however? Come out 8 point introductions that choose a building now, can buy the reference when the building as everybody:
Wind shoulds not be greatly
Everybody is in when buying a building, should all round preexistence building perambulatory, whether to see the environment around there is drawback?
Above all should meaning wind force, wind is big near if disclosure building, very urgent interest, that shoulds not be choose and buy! Because although that building has flourishing really,enrage agglomeration, also can be blown to come loose by flurry do not have involuntary discharge of urine.
Geomantic learn to take seriously most " Tibetan wind gets together gas " , this states the place of wind force urgent interest won't be flourishing ground for certain!
But want a bit more advertent, wind power is too great admittedly bad, but if wind disaster crosses delay, air is not quite current, that also is by no means an appropriate!
Optimal living environment, it is to gentle light breeze is blown slowly, cool breeze blows bright, this ability accords with geomantic path.
Yang Zhaifeng water is the most exquisite sunshine air, so choice house lives, not only want air relaxed, and even sunny! If the building of sunshine inadequacy, more often shade gas is overweight, can bring about messuage inquietude, really unfavorable live.
E.g. , the building with an insufficient sunshine, taking the door is one grows long narrow narrow passage, and sitting room and dining room do not have a window almost, outdoor sunshine consequently hard permeate; Such building, it is air and sunshine all disrelish inadequacy no matter, can saying is one cloudy lentic, devoid opportunity of survival.
The center suffers corrupt
This is to show the central place of the building is unfavorable use as toilet, otherwise the heart accumulation trash that this is like a person, that nature is bode ill rather than well!
If the graph is shown 2 times,be like, the toilet just is in the building in the middle of place, that shoulds not be choose house place.
If toilet is not at building center, but however at building after half center, just became with the gate all the time line, that also shoulds not be choose house place (graph 3) ; Because this causes man of caustic of suffer unexpected personal financial losses probably.
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