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Geomantic fierce look converts the building evil spirit law
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Do not want to move with what method can you change a building geomantic?
Clever way of " of compass " trun ill luck into good is made public greatly!
1. curtilage inside or curtilage outside if encounter,rush evil spirit, or configuration is undesirable wait, get along to fall at very abominable circumstance curtilage, remove because of conditional impact disallowance again, can use compass to change curtilage fierce look, make its trun ill luck into good.
2.Compass can be blocked fierce change evil spirit, 2 will can change to carry curtilage, (Of flourishing money with) , alleged kill two birds with one stone.
3. compass change carries curtilage method:
A. Bulk size is not restricted.
B. Compass needs a course to open light correctly.
C. Day of auspicious of choose fine celestial bodies, put in heart of sitting room blessing, do not restrict want pair of front door.
D. The somebody in the home is gone to unripe, cannot find a place for compass, lest soul dare not come home, (One year) be opposite year of after, can put compass.
E. The law of flourishing money, it is namely put compass in sitting room money, its effect is effective.
F. If want to put,be inside land fair censer, buy the compass with petty bulk, plus censer ash. If want to put in God lower part, buy the compass with larger volume.
G. Land fair apanage is magical, inside Xiaoluo Panfang censer, compass should be adjusted for, ahead points to north, rear guideline.
God belongs to deity, the compass of lower part should be adjusted for, ahead guideline, rear points to north.
H. Children is scared, cry in the middle of the night be troubled by ceaseless, can put compass Wu Menmei to go up, can dissolve the content of ungodliness.
I. Compass is placed inside the car, yi Ke makes drive restful.