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Desk places water of be on the lookout
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Desk character need not pay attention to high school luxurious, have an insatiable desire for since the meeting read aloud to be not weighed actual.
Desk height with tall (2. ) of a feet. (2. 8 feet) for beautiful, desk color should cooperate indoor light, depth should mediate;
Desk cannot sit to fall at bridge, the table also cannot fall at bridge, desk cannot be faced outside the suitable current of ditch, advocate lose money; Desk is best against the current and sit;
Desk cannot side faces strong bathroom door; Desk cannot back bathroom door, cannot back toilet. Closet;
Desk cannot be faced rush continuously into the door, desk right is fluky wall, guest and host is not divided; Desk left relies on a wall to be benefit, advocate the guest is trenchant; Desk sits chair cannot too oppressive, appropriate moderate, have intimacy; Desk desktop cannot fill up white paper, impatient impetuous;
Behind of master office table cannot let a person come and go, uneasiness is firm, desk ahead cannot have ark part or the corner rushs shoot wind; Desk cannot sit in the god under square;
Clerk. Foreign affairs member desk behind has stream of people to use contact, desk of accountant, financial personnel carries after on the back cannot someone comes and go flow;
Green Long Fangyi is tall on desk, white Hu Fangyi low, appropriate is static, desk electrify word, dragon of buy of appropriate of lamps and lanterns just is auspicious.