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Go in for sth in a large scale those who move is geomantic
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Also do not understand previously, feel new to the home is chopstick and vermicelli made from bean starch of what. . . .

In my girlfriend that new learning comes, move for everybody have very geomantic, close-up comes down, wide and accuse. . .

One, above all, want to pick a wedding day, this is the most important, must be of course from lunar anthology. . .

2, bankbook, bullion headgear, the same area such as cash is on the body in the bag, this cries, gold walks into the door along with the person.

3, reached new home, anybody does not enter room, householder is advanced door. .

Time had better be in the morning arrived at 9 o'clock at 10 o'clock.

Important: Left foot is advanced the door.

This cries: Step on gold, 2 step on silver, 3 stepped on good luck to take the door.

Important: Left hand raises a fish (carp, crucian carp fish all but) , the right hand carries one party bean curd.

This cries: Yu Fu.

Should firing midday cook, a dish is the fish pauses bean curd. The noodle that boil, longer noodle is better.

Fry a Chinese cabbage (100 money) . Rape, head dish, go.

4, put on the hearth of the kitchen on thing of this 4 type: 4 apples, 4 orange, 5 oranges, 6 peach

(what peach goes, take a peach-shaped thing this word) (indicative: Lacking in initiative and overcautious, render outstanding service and be famous)

Should read aloud in the mouth, householder here.

Finally, congratulate beforehand everybody can 5 blessing face the door, the career is successful, healthy, congratulation get rich! ! !