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Contemporary and geomantic learned 10 big principles
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What is geomantic theory? It is geographical actually, geological, star learns, aerography, landscape learns, a variety of course such as architectural, ecology and informatics of human body life are integrated a science of an organic whole. Its tenet is careful and careful ground makes an on-the-spot investigation, know environment, comply with nature, be used abstinently and transform nature, creation lives goodly with live environment, win first-rate climate favourable geographical position and support of the people, achieve day person syncretic to state of be apt to.

Be based on this one pursuit just about, in the long-term development process that in geomantic manage treat of its carry out, accumulated rich practical experience, also pass academic thinking, draw water received be in harmony to collect at all times and in all over the world each science, philosophy, aesthetic, ethnics, and the numerous wisdom that religion, folk-custom waits a respect a moment, formed connotation finally rich, omnibus with systematization very strong distinctive and academic system- - contemporary and geomantic learn. Wraparound rise have 10 big principles.

One, integral system principle

Integral system is talked, as a complete science, it arises in this century; As a kind of simple method, sage early of China began to apply. Geomantic and academic thought regards system of a whole as the environment, this system is a center with the person, include works of God. Each subsystem in the environment is mutual connection, mutual restrict, the mutual and mutual depend on sb or sth for existence, contrary, element that changes each other. Geomantic learned function should hold macroscopically namely coordinate the relation between each system to optimize a structure, seek optimal combination.

Geomantic the integral sex that learns to notice an environment adequately. " Huang Di curtilage classics " view " it is the body with the situation, it is hematic arteries and veins with spring, it is the skin with land, it is hair with the wood, it is the dress in order to abandon house, it is coronal belt with the portal, if be like this, it is thing Yan Ya, it is therefore on auspicious. " clear acting Yao Yanluan is in " in relief curtilage compositive " roll " red classics a pithy formula " in emphasize integral function sex, view " this world needs choose landform curtilage, water of surface back hill weighs popular feeling, lai Longang show sends hill character, water must be surrounded hold in the arms annular, ming Tangkuan big Si Weifu, water mouth is collected accumulate 10 thousand gold. Close evil spirit 2 trouble-free, light is in flourishing door front courtyard. Light is in flourishing door front courtyard..

Integral principle is geomantic learned total principle, other principle is subject to integral principle, handle the relation of person and environment with integral principle, it is contemporary and geomantic learned main point.
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