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Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital of Tianjin Centre "move" a new multi-site
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Yesterday (24) 5:00 to 8 pm, Center for Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital of Tianjin, 17 patients successfully moved from the old hospital site a new hospital site, from next Monday to start a new maternity hospital inpatient center will be officially opened. Yesterday, the 17 patients move smoothly, in addition to pregnant women, but also including 13 premature and low birth weight children, only one of more than 700 grams birth weight. Such a low weight newborns "move", in addition to police "to clear the way", the doctors and nurses throughout the convoy, the hospital also used the simulation environment for the newborn womb transfer case, along with essential incubator, ventilator, 13 preterm children in the successful completion of life "for the first time travel." Just at 5:18 am yesterday, the central maternity hospital site is also easy delivery of new homes was born of a 6-pound newborn, this is the first hospital births after the move. New site and more beds Parking is no longer difficult Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital new building the new center for the inpatient floor 5-19, to 600 patient beds, an increase of 182 than before. As gynecology, obstetrics patient privacy is strong, mostly between the two general wards and a separate toilet, single room maternity ratio to over 70% of the total number of maternity wards. Building there are 29 operating rooms (including 9 out-patient operating room), the number of far more than 9 months old hospital surgery rooms, in terms of quantity and devices are able to meet the surgery is scheduled. Tianjin public maternity hospital to the new center can take 12,600,800,905,906,952 to the Yangtze River Road bus stop, while the hospital there are more than 400 parking spaces for patients, will greatly ease the patients Parking difficult problem.