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Moving the victim was stealing Tianjin note: Beware of moving companies pilfer
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Find moving company moving, only to encounter porters to steal, although the victim was caught two of them, but stealing the money of the workers or escaped. Although it has been in the past few hours, but who lives in the Millennium Park, Hongqiao District, Mr. Lu was angry. Around 15:30 yesterday, reporters rushed to Mr. Lu's doorstep, the moving company's white van parked in the 楼栋 mouth, car pile up some to move out from the Lui family's furniture. For fear of missing items, Mr. Lu is also responsible for specially recruited two friends looked after. Into Lu's home, house stacked with items not removed, relying on the entrance wall of a mattress. Lu told reporters that their house to find a moving company in the area outside the door, had set a good phone is moving around 6:30. "Moving is punctual to the total to 3 workers, responsible at home with my mother and I stared." Mr. Lu said at the time of his mother, squatting on the middle of the room apartment to pack items, he sat on the sofa not far from on smoking. This time, two workers while carrying a mattress, walk from the cabin's front door at the apartment, another man was standing near the door hung in front of a bag lady, a move the workers also take the opportunity to cushion pad standing in front of the door to move a few men. Lu's mother glanced at the door, suddenly discovered standing in the doorway of the man who is turning the bag, she immediately came over. Blocked off the mat turned the package man, Mr Lu's mother wants to grab people around to the back pad. Two workers carry the mat cushions block a bit, Lu's mother sat on the ground. Lu seeing this, immediately went to the front, the two workers caught carrying mats, twisted to the hut. However, the man stole the money but took the opportunity to escape. Lu immediately call 110, after the inventory bag placed in the more than 10,000 yuan in cash and necklaces, earrings were gone. Mr. Lu said that after the event, he immediately moved the company to find the person in charge for the settlement of problems, but no moving company has been responsible to his home to discuss settlement. Subsequently, we found the cell door of the house moving company, surnamed Chiang told reporters that at present, this matter has been owned by the local police station to deal with, they have no power by themselves, and all solutions must obey the police. Named head of Chiang also said that after the event, they once again sent to the client's home and then will not move those things to move, but was refused clients.