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Tianjin Binhai waste sites under the overpass move and clear the types of waste
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Tanggu in Tianjin Binhai overpass, an area of 4,000 square meters of large waste site have acquired a long-term environmental mess caused by the surrounding areas the biggest "culprit." Recently, through the coordination of Tanggu efforts Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau Force, the acquisition of this large waste site was finally successful "move" the. Binhai Development Zone, Tanggu and overpass is an important transport hub, but also from the Tanggu New Port area downtown to major roads, vehicles, pedestrians traveling frequently. The large-scale waste under the overpass coastal site acquisition, Put something messy, disorderly, and are mostly cardboard and plastic waste flammable, both eyesores and easy to fire, posing a threat to the bridge. To completely eliminate hidden dangers, amenity environment, building materials Road Tanggu Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau brigade from early September to begin the acquisition of sites for centralized waste remediation. After several days of self-clearing of some self-removal of the illegal business board room 9, 8 carried away all the container, removal waste 1,800 cubic meters. Taking into account the real part of the actual relocation of business difficulties, building materials, road brigade contacted the five trucks, sent 10 players to help clean up, help him The successful removal and transportation are a lot of waste. Up to now, the waste under the overpass coastal clean-up completed the acquisition of the site, a total of 2100 m3 waste clean up all kinds.