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Wandering Tianjin 9 years after the move 7 80 safety of migrant workers home
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Holding a key to open the door to their own, though the house is still rough, but the imagination of the Jin-Gang Wang, his family is about to become warm and comfortable. He and his wife and 5-year-old son, a family of three living in this we can immediately A house, watch TV, eat, laugh to live. "Off the family, the son to be next year in elementary school in Tianjin." Say this, Jin-Gang Wang's eyes full of longing. Jin-Gang Wang from Henan is a "80 after" migrant workers, is now the Pacific Tianjin Automobile Parts Co., Ltd., a mold maintenance man. July 22, as a national model, he and six other model worker migrant workers Government departments got together with the key to low-rent housing rent, and also received the Municipal Public Security Bureau issued by his family settled in household sector's Zhunqian Zheng, Tianjin became public. When arrived in Tianjin, renters and workers Jin-Gang Wang was born in 1980, three years old this year, young volunteers. "To Tianjin for 9 years now, 2001 years. Then die in a Korean- owned factory as an apprentice, only seven or eight hundred dollars a month's wages, although Dry live weight, take less money, less than a month down almost any money left, but do not feel a bit tired. "Jin-Gang Wang said, when I first came in Tianjin, I can do everything not only a high school diploma and dreams of the future. And Like all employees, that time with the rent Jin-Gang Wang, and workers, we share the rent, My life was simple but happy, full of hope. 9 years to move more than a year to live up to seven family 9 years, Jin-Gang Wang moved a total of seven home. Jin-Gang Wang told reporters that he and his workers with the beginning in the rental cottage, and later married wife get married, the couple rented it and others were a partial list. "2004 harvest Home, the wife of our rural areas, married told me to Tianjin to work out. At that time, we were sharing with others a partial list. After the son was born in 2005, we Zhaoliaoyichu partner alone. Also more than a dozen square house M, I, my wife, my mother and my son four people in the room to put two beds filled. "Jin-Gang Wang said the long time tenants have to move is not to live, will live the longest more than a year, the shortest lived only A few months, always for a variety of reasons, "move", such as landlord showings gone up, anxious to sell and so on. Along with his son was a year old Jin-Gang Wang's parents back to the countryside. "I and wife both work, no one to take care of children. Moreover, in Tianjin did not home, and their children close at hand is not easy. Son had gone, we Began sharing a house with others. "Jin-Gang Wang said he and his wife only a year in the New Year or" eleven "This holiday, be back home with his son, reunited with their parents. Ten square meters to half-bed cabin Jin-Gang Wang and his wife are now renting a house, is a partial one in the sixth floor of a room. "There was a mess, to know you, I have to pack up early to pack." Jin-Gang Wang, embarrassed. The reporter saw, this Ten square meters around the room, half the space is occupied with a double bed, the bed is a "old" TV, the bed side of the ground covered with mat, on which stood a few clothes; the other side of the bed there tables, the Face some books and a laptop computer. This is almost all of the couple's belongings. "The total move, not his own house, so I do not love to pack, what is not willing to buy it." Jin-Gang Wang pointed to the laptop said it was his side's only "big", "after work, and wife watching Watching TV, the Internet, and chat with the workers, leisure time will these. " Now rooted Chinese New Year the children over to their parents 50 yuan a month rent home In the heart of Jin-Gang Wang, "Jintang home" extraordinarily warm the words, because his future home, in this area in the east under the overpass where. Jin-Gang Wang told reporters, though just get the key, But two weeks ago, he could not help but secretly has been to plot out. "At that time, did not know that they will live in the building a few, a few doors, which unit, only know that they can choose a set of independence in this district alone." Because Tai Hing Fen, he made night, did not care to sleep, go directly to district and watched one after another, new buildings and green lawns, and my heart felt extremely beautiful. "To move the eighth, this time to the resident, and have their own home." Looked at the new house, Jin-Gang Wang was happy, he gave the calculations to reporters: "The 50 square meters of the house , the monthly rent is only 50 Multi-block, and now we have two people sharing a house and the workers, the monthly rent is 800, so doing, rent a new house a year together with others than it is now renting one month's rent is also cheaper. " Parents to pick children to Tianjin New Year Jin-Gang Wang said, there is now a house, accounts are implemented, even in Tianjin have their own "root" of the. Today, he is planning a new future of family life: husband and wife for thirty thousand dollars for a new house decoration , Purchase furniture, appliances, and then took his son to the school, the Spring Festival this year, parents can also take over the New Year in Tianjin. Jin-Gang Wang told reporters that he had six other model worker in the same area of the appointment, which Weekend, we went to a new house and decoration companies to "contact group" decoration thing. "In another month, and I can move to a new home." Jin-Gang Wang fun to imagine the house side of the decoration look good, while considered a "housewarming" of the time.