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Remove memorandum
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Remove before memorandum moves
* deals with a few needless article * are tasted to jewel undertake casting protecting
* to moving charge is entered sweet evaluate * to choose a good remover
* and remover sign a contract
* bales
A. Preparation packs goods
B. Make bale ordinal watch
C. Right precious reach brittle article to undertake special processing
D. all cases the label on mark, brittle jewel is tasted must make clear
In carrying a process
1 . To the person demonstrate of remover what case or article want to be protected mainly
2. Be afraid of press or brittle article should put uppermost limit, assemble a car finally, most first discharging
3. In carrying a process, should do with article detailed list at any time contrast, look to whether have omit
4. Be careful to be harmed accidentally
After ingoing new residence
1 . Be in with remover checkout before must first article of check the amount
2. Undertake checking with article detailed list, whether does the examination have be short of
3. Whether does examination valuable have damage
4. Can go up in the contract after the full name that records contract size, driver sign
5. Have claim for compensation according to the damage level of article
"Move memorandum " summed up for you move necessary step and matters concerned, you should follow the prescribed order only, basis " move memorandum " undertake orderly, number is made after every finished project, such, moving plan with respect to be clear at a glance, you also always can know fairly well.