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Move draw infinite business chance
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Move before drawing infinite business chance to move, bale first, moved tear open a bag again, clean sanitation even next... previously although have remover, these things also must take care of everything oneself. Differred however now, a few days ago, "Move the old " remover rolled out XX to serve a concept one-stoply -- , moving the troublesome trouble that process around may encounter, was listed to present the service list of remover. Want user need only, remover can be in XX move design of dozen of box that pack, layout, furniture is offerred to tear open outfit, bedroom to decorate at the same time in the process, clean Bao Jie, secondhand goods is bought, air conditioning moves installation of road of equipment of machine, seeing and hearing, computer installation and desk tear open the series such as outfit to serve.

According to the data of Beijing statistic bureau, annual by move the 10 % that pull the economic growth that move to take whole gross domestic product, near 30 billion yuan of RMBs. This shows, of Beijing move not only very considerable, and by " move " and the many industries such as the estate that drive, building materials, furniture, home appliance, car, can have formed very grand " move catenary of family property course of study " .

The more and more frequent development that moves to once was remover brought boundless business chance, with XX remover is exemple, when the company held water 1988, only 4000 clients look for them to move, the Beijing family that looks for XX to move to last year always door number has broken through 800 thousand. Finish as what old city transforms however, the completion of large quantities of new residence also removes with respect to what indicate the move is massive be about to near end, the real exercise dweller that the room changes resembles keeping adjusting housing euqally before no longer, what remover is faced with right now is gradually atrophic market; In the meantime, as more investor intervene, move the price competition of the market also makes market gain is reduced ceaselessly, and the blame of remover moves professionally service, more make " move " and " remover " facing the crisis.

"Serve as Beijing ' move the old ' , remover has XX 149 major move car and many 600 employee, but we still should see also must see move the crisis that the market exists. " Chen Jiang of XX remover general manager says. "Remover begins the XX a few years ago extend scope of business, remove besides the dweller, offerred a service to become the main business of remover for national office, unit and large activity. Actually, moving is doable of there's something behind all this, increase as what derive service project, we established market of car service center, secondhand goods early or late, clean 5 major such as the company to serve a company, do business fine do only. Content shedding deserves to send is a burgeoning industry, remover began XX to shed the market to content 1998 outspread, we and appropriate home sign a contract, duty advisable the home deserves to send and assemble of all kinds furniture. Will 4 years expand as portfolio ceaselessly, remover matchs XX the business income year after year that sends a branch grows, current, in gross earnings of XX remover year, deserve to send had occupied 20 % . Deserve to send had occupied 20 % ..
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