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Move nowadays because report of Liu Chun of reporter of not new our newspaper is torn open change and move new home, inside the city " emigrant " Peking Man had become compasses model. The 5th times the data of census showed 2000, often live in whole town in population, 5 years produce the migratory population inside city to already was occupied to 12.8% , increased 7.2 percent than 1995. From the point of section of these 5 years, "Emigrant " the climax begins from 1998, last all the time up to now. Tear open change and moving is Peking Man undertakes inside the city " move Civilian " the mainest reason, tear open the change, scale that moves to be occupied in the place in migratory person mouth to be as high as 40.7% , because be,this basically is beginning from 1995 is our city dangerous house is transformed, 5 years when development of residential new developed area and municipal construction develop quickly. Add the inside restful highway, white Yi Lu, face the ave austral mouth of big market, food market, two vast region road inside the urban district to repair extend and financial market, Wang Fu again the construction that business street of well shopping centre, Xidan and urban afforest segregation take, the living ground of many Peking Man happened to change. Nevertheless, tear open witenagemot of change one's dwelling house not less to consider children to go to school, wait for a problem from the distance of the unit, new living ground is commonly near former address. Near the person of the half is migratory inside this area county. The reporter understands from Beijing statistic bureau, as the addition of migratory population inside the city, "Person door is detached " show an elephant to become very general, after a lot of people were moving new home, withhold registered permanent residence in former dwelling place, the ground of such living ground and registered permanent residence that register is abhorrent. Show according to the number 2000, it is in eleven million and twenty-three thousand census register population of whole town, "Person door is detached " population has 2.236 million person, brought difficulty to census register management.