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The Mount Everest on holy fire should move 3 times
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The Mount Everest on holy fire should move 3 times on April 30, 2008, beijing greets the Olympic Games to time 100 days. This is a very special day: Fire of Olympic Games emperor delivers Hong Kong, set foot on Chinese land; This also is a common day: The 2300 many days that had experienced together are same, the Olympic Games prepares the job each to still undertake in ground of in an orderly way, the pace with ongoing Olympic Games still is continueing.

This day, the reporter hurries off to capital ave lane, the form that the people below true record is an Olympic Games silently to busy in different post and they are right of the Olympic Games expect with the blessing...

5: The dew at the beginning of 00 first sun rays in the morning, thousands of masses that comes round to watch flag-raising ceremony had gathered on Tiananmen Square. Besides citizen and tourist, still have many foreign friend. There is small the Five-Star Red Flag in a lot of hand, contend for take a picture accept as a souvenir. Ms. Zhang tells the tourist of Heibei Han Dan the reporter, she just meets during Beijing travels the Olympic Games times 100 days, come then watch flag-raising ceremony. She tells a reporter: "Hope the Olympic Games can be held successfully, hope our nation is more and more powerful! Hope our nation is more and more powerful!!

5: In 16 dawn, the Five-Star Red Flag is in magnificent " March of the Volunteers " in rise gradually. When ensign reachs flagpole top, since the noise in the crowd blast blast cheer.

10: 30 time 100 days to be received, beijing held a series of congratulatory activities. Masses marathon and section of Beijing international long-distance running was in Olympic park 2008 square of public division celebration is held. When long-distance running team passes ZhongGuanCun bridge, the masses all round cheers, somebody is the first sing " Beijing, welcome you " .

20: 05 Beijing Olympic Games times 100 days to celebrate 2008 Olympic Games song of activity and the 4th Beijing to choose an activity to undertake in the Imperial Ancestral Temple. Draw near 20 when, the audience of the spot is the same as acoustical reciprocal " 10, 9, 8... 3, 2, 1 " . Point to when clock 20 when, the spot gives out sound of tremendous hurrah, blessing.

Be the same as for a short while, in Tian An Men east the Beijing Olympic Games before front door of side country museum pours timing card to fall, specially comes personage of hundreds China and foreign countries that witnesses this one hour also is in reciprocal, cheering. Undergraduate Wang Saiyu keeps and accept as a souvenir of classmate group photo. Her agitato says: "Pass 100 days again, the Olympic Games came really. Beijing had opened wide bosom, preparation meets the friend of the whole world. Beijing welcomes you! Beijing welcomes you!!

Mount Everest

Holy fire ascends a top to lean completely " two tubes "
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