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How to before moving, prepare
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New residence of move to a better place or have a promotion is domestic important matter, everybody does not hope hurry-scurry, had better shift to an earlier date ready-made. Arrange good time above all. Move to need commonly 2, 4 hours differ. If be apart from far, block a car up, or carried article is much, likely time is longer. Should make an appointment with remover ahead of schedule next car, let its arrive on time, begin to move on time. If article is more, one car is not pulled, had better make an appointment at the same time many car, help article, can save time. Encounter rain, Xue Tian additionally, best choice has the car of sail, lest wet article. Want to clear away good thing ahead of schedule again. The article in the box with larger volume, ark should be taken out beforehand the worker carries do not move; The fragmentary goods such as shoe had better rise with paper box outfit, lest lose; Small valuable goods such as cash, headgear wants to be carried; The brittle article such as tableware, tea service should be packed alone, carry alone, lest crumb. Want to had made sufficient preparation beforehand only, your move to be met certainly very successful.