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New residence of move to a better place or have a promotion 5 big item
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Keyword: Disinfection
Want to notice cleanness and disinfection above all before entering new home, more or less is the noxiousness material with ill health of a few pairs of human body contained in cement, plank, paint, coating, wait like formaldehyde, lead, benzene. These material can enter the body through respiratory tract and skin, bring about toxic or anaphylaxis. Accordingly, want to undertake comprehensive disinfection to new residence.

The alexipharmic method of the bedroom is very much, if metope already made decoration, can use 3% lysol aqueous solution, or with the acid of second crossing oxygen of 3% solution sprays. The ground sprays should even, of wall spray height should be in 2 meters of above, after spraying, need to close window of new residence door 1 hour above. In addition, can use room of the suffocating that feed vinegar.

Keyword: Ventilated
Into the time that live the choice also has science. Again good decorate also won't 100 percent free from contamination, just be being polluted is control inside standard limits. Decorate good bedroom to all answer as far as possible ventilated medicinal powder flavour, do good air to purify the job, general need 5 to 10 days, or lengthen appropriately according to circumstance of indoor air quality. The room is ventilated medicinal powder the method of flavour also has very much exquisite. Cannot open quickness of all door window ventilated, such metope appear easily crackle, have the appearance such as the skin.
Scientific method is: Open the door of the bedroom, the window that uses kitchen, toilet undertakes ventilated; Put on a few water indoors, can protect the metope that just has done already, material of OK and adsorptive contamination; Still can put on a few pineapple, green trailing plants, cacti, activated carbon to wait indoors, accelerate draw rate.

Keyword: Case
The person that many preparation move discovers, move big to had fallen to say, trifling small sundry move give or take a lot of trouble instead. Actually, take in all and scattered thing case, change 0 to rectify, nature can solve this problem that affects plan.
Professional personage suggests, whole behoove of the article before moving shifts to an earlier date than date of move to a better place or have a promotion at least a week, all sorts of article classify case and outside box labelled is mixed serial number, conduce to preventive tasting so lose. When case, the article inside box is put should degree of tightness is measurable, the thing installs too much meeting to make the case is out of shape, attaint or involuntary discharge of urine fall the article in box, install the thing inside too little box to collide each other, damage possibly also, the sky inside box should manage applied old newspaper or bubble fill is secured.

Keyword: Remover
Disappear assist concerned personage proposal, best choice is normal, credit the remover with good, all ready establishment, sign to it move contract, lest appear,liability is limitted hard when dispute. Small valuable and cash must be carried, if have big valuable or the article that are hard to carry, should emphasize to remover beforehand, can undertake through the means such as imprest insurance gold " cast protect " , because carry inadvertent attaint article,be like, easy claim for compensation.
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