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Before the citizen moves, not forget to sign a contract
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See on the net recently have a news, about remover contract issue, saying is a removing friend is when new residence of him move to a better place or have a promotion, from already piano is damaged in carrying a process, look for remover logic, but there is a contract again between each other, bilateral obligation is not clear, be forced to end up with nothing definite finally. The citizen that this station warns preparation to move many heart, move expenses also should come with the contract standard. Lest produce needless issue
Mr Li of Shenzhen says advanced when two days of some remover are moving for its, delimit several furniture spent, tableware also was broken into pieces a few, but because of before moving, did not sign any " throw bad ** how to be compensated for " agreement, accordingly " be unable to speak out about one's grievances " honest " eat " ought not to, one when he says annatto bed leans board was delimited deep mark, two new dinner service became a fragment.
After posing conflict, remover respect thinks the spot does not have discovery, after the event just says, not be their responsibility.
Of course, moving be damaged in the process article unavoidable, the person has taken countless road in any case is to should pass a few bridges, a lot of remover can make fair compensation after investigation, also have many remover however some " muddleheaded " , creating this kind of situation is to have certain and accidental feeling, also have a plenty of a part to groom without post at all or groom from personnel of course of study unqualified be caused by, at the same time we also do not discharge road certain move labour is gone after blindly carry rate, because " one day moves a few more, money with respect to earn much " " ' fine workmanship lives slow ' be in an unfavorable situation absolutely! " this is the person's normal.
Another kind of circumstance is, a few carry company hand to still be received however not quite " high strenth is vivid " , have the safeguard such as safety hard also in carrying a process.
We also asked concerned law worker, they say to ask a person to move a petty thing not small, major issue is not large however. This station thinks gave state petty thing big, had contract major issue small also, move originally here so the net suggests broad friend should sign a contract with remover, conventional both sides is compulsory, after the event even if lost valuable to perhaps damage thing, usable also law will protect oneself rights and interests. If the condition is permitted, before moving, had better undertake taking a picture to necessary furniture and affirm via both sides, in order to increase conviction.