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Remover employee damages who carries client furniture carelessly duty
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Editor comrade:
Before long I looked for a remover to move for me before. Moving in the process, the employee Wang Mou of remover, Zhang Mou damages my furniture carelessly. I ask remover is compensated for, remover says to sign the agreement when labor contract with Wang Mou, Zhang Mou, moving belongings is caused to damage in the process, assume by oneself by Wang Mou, Zhang Mou, want me to seek claim for compensation of Wang Mou, Zhang Mou. The statement of remover is excuse me right, how should I do?
Small Comrade He Xiaohe:
The view of remover does not hold water. Your loss should be assumed by remover. Here involves the legal issue that the civil liability of tort of legal person worker holds. Our country " civil code general rule " the 43rd regulation: "Legal entity assumes civil responsibility to the management activity of its legal representative or other staff member. " Wang Mou, Zhang Mou is the activity that gets remover assign to be engaged in carrying furniture, it is to be a company to fulfil obligation. 2 people damage carelessly in carrying a process furniture, its action has fault, but the fault that because they are,happens in performing compulsory procedure for remover, because this responsibility should be assumed by remover. The clause that in calling the labor that signs when hire with Wang Mou, Zhang Mou the contract as to remover place, agrees, it is the working relationship that remover and Wang Mou, Zhang Mou forms in labor, among them agreement should be not disobeyed only " labor law " the regulation that waits for concerned law laws and regulations, it is effective namely, but do not produce legal effectiveness external, remover is OK regulation of interiorly according to undertakes handling, but should assume civil responsibility external, recoup your loss.