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Winter is decorated finishing hind fasten first anxious move
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Endless and the outfit foster cordial relations between countries of hardship is not easy and finishing, but must not wear urgently move into new residence, want to be checked and accept seriously above all, avoid the dispute after passing and problem, still have the item that a lot of winters should notice especially additionally:
One, because winter applies man-hour,ventilated degree is inferior to other season, indoor how many meeting remains the gas with a few pairs of harmful human body, to the house that new clothes builds, consumer is not eager to, want to extend time appropriately. The proposal is adopted raise greenery, let flowers and plants and clear water draw a share harmful gas.
2, decorate after ending, owner can put a clear water in each rooms, increase indoor humidity, prevent metope, end face, furniture to wait dry appear too quickly interstitial.
3, finishing hind should do air in time to detect, heating season, air dry, temperature is indoor and taller, ventilated poor, greatly the harmful material such as the floor of core board, wood formaldehyde in decorating material, benzene volatilizes the amount is large, cause harmful material chroma easily to exceed bid. The indoor air that should have aptitude please detects the branch does primary air to detect. If unqualified, ask an expert to locate the source of harmful material instantly, ask worker do poorly done work over again, in case hidden trouble.
4, construction of examination of the key when checking and accept stays mediumly seam, whether does the paster, job that stick cloth accord with a requirement, whether had had craze appearance, reach with the detail that decorates a company to guarantee to carry out hind consistent. Set to wall brick stick, with little weight of a metal, beat wall floor tile gently quadrilateral with among, not due and empty sound, wall floor tile is embedded seam smooth severe, whole plane should level off. The floor has mix without apparent aperture rough whole, whether do floor and skirting board copula join closely. You can go slowly in every room, because floor of winter laid wood wants to stay appropriately,seam, because this has reasonable space,can accept.
5, open a window ventilated although be helpful for breaking up the harmful material such as formaldehyde and paint are dry, but winter the temperature outdoor is low, can make emulsioni paint degenerative, adherent force becomes poor, even pulverization. Metope of parched emulsioni paint is done not have to be frozen easily after decorating, in face of back wall of beginning of spring changeful color. Ventilated take a breath is necessary, but emulsioni paint can deteriorate below in 5 ℃ , open a window so ventilated and best anthology in warmth afternoon, every time ventilated time is fastened too long, in case the metope near windowsill is frozen to become angry.
6, winter involves Spring Festival holiday, a lot of decorate a company to put forward to be avoid " lie between year of Zhang " , should be year ago money of settle accounts project. At this moment, owner should give sufficient body forgive above all, but the very busy season that at the same time the end of the year is all trades and professions, business accounting undertakes after owner must take out time to check carefully to decorating items of an account.
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