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Shallow talk how to choose lawful remover
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One netizen asks in my email: The house that my home just bought the first month of the lunar year this year already was decorated, the plan is in the first month of the lunar year 20 before move. Just get online checked Shenzhen remover, discover remover is dazzling, of same name have N much, and the remover the good and bad are intermingled on the market, how to ask you to tell me to should choose normal remover?
Answer: Hello, above all respectful the happy event that wishs your move to a better place or have a promotion! Carry according to bureau of Shenzhen city traffic the canal is in freight management division to say about the comrade, the illegal remover that there is one part not to have a card on our city market at present is engaged in moving family property Wu, among them some companies do not have even official office spot, rely on form of a few small advertising to pretend to be formal remover to contract to do a job merely business, in carrying a process once appear problem, the ability when the formal remover that the client writes to advertisement inquires discovers, offer for oneself move the car of the service is this company far from. Accordingly, proposal client is as follows:
The first, notice whether remover has official office place, possible sentence, had better examine its business certificate to its office spot, especially its must be had on management project " move carriage service " this one, be engaged in illegally moving namely otherwise of carriage service " pinchbeck " company.
The 2nd, the attention must sign relevant service contract, so that have,the law can be depended on. According to relevant provision of country and our city, remove to just be mixed for safeguard bear hold square legitimate rights and interests in the palm, move the service contract that has legal effectiveness should be signed between carriage unit and client, and need observe whether its contract is normative carefully, the style that according to municipal Party committee relevant administration weighs to the our city serves a contract this kind all is united by carriage administration make. Among them the time that main content should include Jia Yishuang to just agree at least, place, model that needs to use, Jia Yishuang just agrees move the service price that means, Jia Yishuang just agrees, service item that Party A offers and requirement. Such, can avoid the needless issue that as a result of oral agreement not quiet place brings effectively, although gave an issue, bilateral rights and interests also can get in time ensuring, have according to can be being depended on.
The 3rd, precious and fragile article and gold should bale ahead of schedule a box, appropriate has kept. This station clew everybody user, moving before the process, should as far as possible in advance bales case of ground of goods put into different categories, keep good number on the case, so that carry hind when assembling and unassemble, find, lest the stuff is lost in ado. To precious and fragile article, should undertake sealing box again after before sealing box, be examined jointly by both sides, if the condition is permitted, had better undertake objective takes a picture, carry postmortem is opened jointly again after reaching destination, lest appear,article damaged says the issue issue of clear responsibility hard.
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