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Go in for sth in a large scale those who move is consuetudinary
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China vast territory and abundant resources, the culture deep source and course of 5 chiliad is long, long back big desert is downy, boundless and indistinct sea is reached before, cause China current inside miscellaneous and live antiforeignly manner, every place, every industry has those who differ is consuetudinary, of course, we move the industry also has move consuetudinary, and because of the area different, produced what each district differs to move consuetudinary, with respect to its same point makes below brief elaborate:
Moving consuetudinary and main component kind
(one) " 6 groups of article " enter first before moving house curtilage, should prepare first following of 6 kinds of daily lives must taste:
1. Rice: With " rice bucket " install 8 minutes full rice. A red package is put in rice bucket, soft, tea and nine copper cash conceal inside (or coin) .
2. Water: With " pail " install 7 minutes of full water (water wants from " former residence " place take) .
3. Bowl chopsticks: In be the home, everybody prepares chopsticks of a new bowl, even numbers is auspicious.
4. Dustpan, broom a pair, red cloth is bound above.
5. In be the home, everybody prepares a new underwear, pillow and sheet.
6. Old have burner, bowl and fan.
The decides 6 kinds of afore-mentioned every day object at choose Ji Shixian when moving house is moved into the kitchen of new residence, next other article just can be moved into new curtilage. If fear migratory hind natural environment refuses to obey, additional portable the clay of a former residence and Jiang Ruxin curtilage. And should go on a long journey (go abroad) rice of person belt dot and clay are followed row, hear of to restraining natural environment to refuse to obey very effective. Move to a better place or have a promotion leaves old curtilage before, the next should stay in the room " old purse " , 5 coin are put inside, stay in the kitchen " two eggs " reach " bag of a red bag (benefit is) " (" red bag bag " (benefit is) inside put " Bai Xie " reach even numbers currency value " soft " a piece of) . " last article " or " the last person " should leave old curtilage when, remember be in old curtilage a few meters are aspersed first before the door, just lock up the door to leave next.
(2) hold a memorial ceremony for is done obeisance to new curtilage " foundation advocate " move new curtilage hind, crepuscular that day afternoon time, according to consuetudinary want hold a memorial ceremony for to do obeisance to normally " foundation advocate " (Di Qi child) . Hear " foundation advocate " for " earthy god " or " curtilage god " , every house has, hold a memorial ceremony for is done obeisance to " foundation advocate " can protect messuage restful. Or say: " foundation advocate " for curtilage the person live first of the ground, common says " base ancestor " . Because of later curtilage be lived by others embezzlement or others of be reduced to poverty, common believes Ying Sibai, only then avoid at damage. In fokelore " foundation advocate " , the figure is not tall, when hold a memorial ceremony for is done obeisance to, should be at the door the kitchen or new curtilage " postern " place, and the table that puts offerings shoulds not be too tall.
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