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In recent years, bought a building to become a resident the first demand. To get used to this one demand, of all kinds remover also was born like the ground like emerge. In the service of of all kinds remover, also appeared a few dispute, if remover is carrying the valuable of dweller of goods process lieutenant general missing, attaint, or produce traffic accident to cause property to destroy break, or do not move on time etc, once this kind of dispute arises, laws and regulations of applicable what law became an issue. The author thinks, should plant to this above all the contract is correct and qualitative. In law theory and adjudgement practice, have think to move the contract is work contract, carriage contract or service contract, the author thinks, move the contract should be one kind contracts to do a job contract.
Move contract and work contract have substaintial distinction. Move the purpose of the contract does not depend on service itself, move however of the task finish. Although remover provided a service, but if cannot be finished,move the task, still cannot get moving pay. And the laborer of work contract one party should offer able-bodied person only, although do not finish the job, service unit also should pay labor reward. From contract to do a job look on the property of the contract, contract to do a job to just have independent character. After dweller and remover sign a contract, moving means should be decided independently by remover, the dweller cannot gesticulate at will. After finishing the job, the dweller pays the fee of remover, not be salary, however a kind of pay, and this kind of pay is in have an agreement commonly beforehand, remover also should open bill to give a resident commonly. Accordingly, the dweller is to be made surely square, remover is to contract to do a job square, the worker's behavior is delegate company, do not represent an individual.
Somebody thinks to move the element that the contract does not need raw material is not accorded with contract to do a job the feature of the contract. The author thinks, contract law did not set contract to do a job the essential factor that the contract must have stock to provide raw material. New contract law contracts to do a job treatment the contract is incognito to contract to do a job contract, namely this contract just already included to be decided not just just provide raw material or make what just offer technical parameter contract to do a job surely contract. Contract to do a job the specific sex that a feature with very big contract is contract award, of this mark is to contract to do a job certainly the child that the person works, supply impossibly in great quantities in the market, it is commonly by contract to do a job the person satisfies the demand that makes a person surely with his knowledge, technology and labor. And move contract just enough accords with these features, friend author thinks, move contract due to contracts to do a job of the contract kinds big are appropriate.
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